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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leffe Returns

Like Lucifer, we haven't seen this beer in Utah for quite a while; 2006 to be exact. It made its way here via the Sundance Film Festival, due to someones special order.

Bayou Mark, scored a few cases of it and made it available to the rest of us. Now it looks like Leffe will be making it's official return in the states regular line-up (as regular as it get for the DABC that is).

Leffe will start appearing on shelves... whenever it does. Christ, I still haven't seen the Zatec stuff yet, has anyone else?

Leffe Blonde Abby Ale has a nose is of sweet malts, candi sugar, pear, spicey yeast and clove. The taste starts honey-esque with fruits, strong yeast and spice, with a lightly hopped peppery/floral finish.



Dallas said...

I have seen Zatec in several different stores. I am confident that the Snow Creek store in Park City has it, and I thought that it was at the 3rd West store.

mark said...

Here is the deal with Leffe and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout as well: They are on a trial basis. Sounds great right?

Well here is how the state does a trial basis.

1) The beers are not normally available at the club/restaurant stores so we have to hunt the beer down all over the place. This immediately limits the sales and reduces the chance of making it past the trial.

2) The beers are apparently not stocked on the shelves with the rest of the beers but are put in a "Trial" area. Sounds like a penalty box to me. Again mostly guaranteed to limit sales and reduce the chance of success.

3) The beers are only available in a few very select stores so you will have to hunt them out. Also usually only a pallet comes in and is spread around so each store might only get a few cases of the beer.

Sometimes it really seems like they hate taking our money for liquor.


Mark said...

BTW, all that is according to my Carlson contact who is bringing in both those beers.


KAGent777 said...

Mark, it sounds like you know what you are talking about. The Guinness FES DABC number is 989326. I encourage all readers to ask the friendly person helping them at the store to look up the product using this number. They can tell you if them currently have any bottles, or if not, which stores do have some bottles. BTW, you can find all of the currently coded beers by using this website:

Is this trial basis you are talking about Mark something put in place by the state or the importer?

I am grateful for the good beers that make it to Utah, but my personality makes it hard to accept this as the status quo. I read beeradvoacte almost daily, and dream about all of the tasty beers that might be able to be imported if things where done a little differently.

Thanks for the info Mark,


Mark said...

The Guinness hasn't been ordered yet. It is at least a few weeks out I believe. I talked to my Carlson guy yesterday and he said they would get in perhaps 2 pallets (120ish cases) to split among the 5-6 stores.

Shaun said...

So no Leffe dark ?

Dallas said...

Mark keep up to date with the incoming order. This is a beer that I would like to try.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Mark, please get hired by the DABC and fix the system.

Mikey said...

@Shaun. No just the Blonde Ale.

@Dallas. Thanks for putting me on track.

Mikey said...

@Mark. I just be came aware of this "special area" BS a few weeks a go when I tried to by some bottles of Moab's Desert Select beers.

None of the employees new what I was talking about in regards to the beers. Then on my way out the door a lady stopped me and told me it was over with the wines.

I guess putting the beer with the beer makes too much sense.

I was willing to shell out the 15 bucks a pop they're asking, the least they can do is make it easier for me to give them my money, by putting them with the rest of the beer.

DABC, this isn't complicated. We're not trying to "split the Atom", here. You sell, we buy. If you want a special area for new releases that's fine, how 'bout marking this new area with a sign that says, "New Releases"? I'll even supply the Sharpies and paper.

Douglas said...

Which store are you talking about Mikey? The State Wine Store on 3rd East does have an area on the right near all the wine with Epic stuff and some others.

Mikey said...

This was as the West Valley Store. The special section isn't even close to the beer like it is at the wine store.