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Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Brewery Comes to Salt Lake

Well sort of... Gordon Biersch is opening a location in Salt Lake City, but your going to have to go to the SL International Airport to check it out. If your not familiar with The Gordon Biersch Brewing Company, they are a nation brewery chain that specializes in authentic, German-style beers.

SL International is an island of normalcy in Utah. It's likely this place could never exist outside of the confines of a "duty free zone". As Gordon Biersch make no 3.2 beer. Look for GB to arrive in late 2012, early 2013.

There's more. Squatters is partnering with Vino Vola to create the Vino Vola Alehouse. Vino Vola operates solely in airports around the country. Their concept is to showcase wine sampling flights and local ales in a comfortable post-security retreat for air travelers, combining a cozy wine lounge, restaurant, and boutique wine shop.

Vino Volo (derived from "wine flight" in Italian) offers wines from around the world by the glass, in tasting flights, and by the bottle for guests to take home or have shipped. This model will be modified to include select beers from many of Utah's Breweries.

Park City’s High West Distillery will also be slinging their spirits in the Airports very first Whiskey Bar.

Unless your heading out of town for business or for fun, it's likely you'll spend little time in these new adult friendly eateries because they are all in the concourse areas. Still, these are great opportunities to showcase some of the great things Utah Has to offer to the traveler that may not have time stick around town.

And there's a new poll. Sociology is fun!



Pete said...

Good to see that they will be flying in Beer v. getting fresh local beer here. Way to go SLC. Way to support your local businesses.

Brewme_slc said...

Gordon Biersch makes great beer (and food). I look forward to them coming here. As far as only buying local beer...you'd be missing out on amazing breweries across the country! I buy local as often as possible but until Utah laws change, there is only so much our brewers can do with 4 point beer. $15 bottles of high point beer are nice, but true brewed to style beers out the tap can't be beat.

The real question is why can't I have a full strength beer at the airport out of a keg but not in my favorite bar or restaurant? It's all about the illusion that Utah is with the times when, in fact, we are still in the stone age of libations.

Douglas said...

I'm going to have to say that Biersch is not really what I'm interested in. They are a chain brewpub with single recipes and mostly OK beer. This does speak to the stupidity of our laws and how much money we are losing because of a mindless 4% limit and bans on new bars and other establishments.

Mikey said...

A slight correction to the post. The Vino Vola venture will represent a vast array of Utah's beer from multiple breweries. Not Just Squatters And Wasatch. Even though the venture is run by Squatters.