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Friday, March 25, 2011

New Beer Friday and High Praise at Squatters

I've got your Friday fix. Who loves ya, Baby?!

North Coast Brewing Old Stock: Sweet caramel nose with a hint of alcohol. The taste strts with more of the same. Sweet caramel malt, with some roasted notes in there. Next comes chocolate, plum and coffee. The warmer this one gets the more complex it becomes. Well balanced, the alcohol is well hidden. The ABV can vary depending on which vintage you get. 10-13% ABV.

Full Sail Imperial Gold:
The nose is full of chocolate, coffee, and oak and boozy. The flavor starts with a lot of rich chocolate, espresso, and molasses sweetness. Bourbon notes come next with a light dose of vanilla and booze in the end. Quite tasty. 10.5% ABV.

Full Sail Bump in the Night: An Herbal citrus stands out with a bit of roastiness and licorice. The taste follows the nose. The hops are at the forefront. Grapefruit, backed up by some herbal qualities hit first. Some coffee and dark malts follow beneath the hops creating a bit of a balance. Licorice and chocolate notes are in the end. The finish is dry and bitter. 6.5% ABV

Lucifer: Not new, but it has been absent for a few years. The nose is of apple, pear, spicy yeast and just a hint of bubblegum. The taste is fairly citrusy up front, with some breadyness and a nice malt sweetness. The end has banana and pepper notes. 8.0% ABV

In other news. Squatters' own Jennifer Talley has won the Russell Schehrer Award for Innovation in Craft Brewing. Jen is the first woman ever to earn this recognition.

If you've ever tried her beers; then you know she's some kind of uncanny beer enchantress that can bend any form of intoxicant to her will. Either that or she's just plain "scary talented". Maybe a little of both. Regardless, she's at the top of her game right now if your not checking out her beers at Squatters, it's your bloody loss! (photo shown is not actual award)


Photo Courtesy: Jay Brooks 2008


KAGent777 said...

Anyone spotted the old Stock? I am interested in getting some of that one.


Mikey said...

I know the Bayou has some. It's a crap shoot lately with liquor stores. I know the 3rd east Wine Store does not have it.

KAGent777 said...

Thanks Mikey! I will try the foothill store and the 3rd west wine store.

Anonymous said...

Way to represent, jenny! Congratulations!

kent said...

Congratulations Jen! It's well deserved.

As I type this I'm drinking a Root Cellar. Mmmmm...delicious

Anonymous said...

I Love Utah Beer, good work Jenny, she makes it so much easier to live here.

Ricky H. said...


Root Cellar is a very very nice beer. Well worth every penny! As for Old Stock, I'm looking also, I want a few also. If anyone finds them, let us know.

---Ricky H.

KAGent777 said...

Old Stock is not at the foothill location.

KAGent777 said...

I agree with Anonymous above, Jenny you make living in Utah much better. Congratulations!

Old Stock hunt: no luck at either Millcreek or Cottonwood stores. I am also looking for Guinness FES, which has a one up on Old Stock. The FES has a Utah DABC code, I cant even ask Steve, the beer guy at the foothill store to look it up for me without a code number