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Thursday, March 03, 2011

New Beers on the Horizon

Over the last few weeks we've had a lot of great new local beers hit the market; Which is a great thing. We should be spending the majority of our allocated beer money on our local breweries.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't explore all of the great option available. And there are some great option coming to you very soon.

FIRESTONE: ABACUS BARLEYWINE. This is an absolutely exquisite barleywine. It has an understated bourbon and vanilla blend up front. There is a gradual transition into sweet chocolate & caramel malts with dark fruit spices coming out in the finish. The taste is amazingly clean, with no lingering sweetness or booziness; which is surprising because it has an abv of 12.0%

DESCHUTES: THE DISSIDENT. Starts with a nice blend of sweet and sour cherries. A bit of funk and tartness follows. Notes of oak follow at the end. Really, this beer has a lot of tartness, but not a lot of true sourness. Still, It's quite good. We don't get a lot of sour beers brought into the state, this one may go fast.

SAMUEL ADAMS: LATITUDE 48 IPA. Starts floral and herbal unlike traditional piney and citrusy American IPA. Next comes a moderate caramel malt presence. The caramel malts play enough of a role to help balance out the bitterness of the hops. The body was smooth and very easy to drink. Reminds me more of a British style IPA.

CHIMAY: RED CAP. The same as your traditional Chimay Red except it comes in a handy 330ml bottle with bottle cap!. Sometimes ya just don't need a big corked bottle.

All of these beers get here, when the get here. We'll let you know when they start popping up and where.



DC said...

"FIRESTONE: ABACUS BARLEYWINE. This is an absolutely exquisite barleywine." This is an understatement. This beer is insane, best barley wine at the Toronado BWF!

shead said...

I'm really excited for The Dissident! Hopefully The Bayou will have it in soon.

Mike said...

who has the best variety in SLC of local and regional micro's in bottles to take with? Coming skiing next week and need to stock up on great Utah beers!

KAGent777 said...

Enjoy the skiing, Mike.

You need to visit the state liquor stores. Personally, I would visit in this order.
1 Foothill store (Store 4 1615 Foothill Blvd) They seem to have the largest selection of crafty beer.
2. Store 35 Downtown (255 South 300 East) seems to get some higher end beers that do not make it to the other stores. Overall selection is not as big as Foothill.
Visit the brewery bottle shops
Epic 825 S. State Street
Redrock 254 South 200 West
Squatters 147 W Broadway
Uinta 1722 South Fremont Dr.

That list should get you started!


Ed said...

Scott's list is right on. Those state liquor stores get some great beers from the west coast -- although I'm not sure where you're coming from, so the selection may or may not be impressive.

There's also a good local selection at most grocery stores in the city. These would be the 4% ABV variety; but if you're willing to try some "session" beers, there are some damned good brews.

Mike said...

Thanks Scott and Ed will take your advice!

Mark said...

Dissident is in the house. We only received 60 bottles though.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if the any of the liquor stores have The Dissident?

Joe Snow said...

I'll second that comment. has anyone seen bottles of the dissident or firestone in the liquor stores?

Mikey said...

@Joe. If Dissident goes to any of the stores it wil probably be a week or two before you see them. As far as Firestone Walker; they're at most of the stores that I've been to. If your talking about ABACUS BARLEYWINE, give it time. This is a very limited one time - national release. Utah isn't even on the list to get it. But we are going to for some reason. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Dissident is now at the Beerhive-about 5 cases worth. Get it before it's gone! -Jason

Clif said...

Don't know if anyone is still checking this post or looking for these beers, but I grabbed a couple bottles of Dissident at the Wine Store on 3rd east last night. No sign of Firestone Abacus though. If any finds that, I'd love to know where.