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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Cheaters Have Taken Over

I give up. I've just identified someone cheating on the Challenge. Within forty minutes a Linux operator from SLC using a Safari browser has completely fucked up the voting. Yes, I know who you are. I'll leave it to you. Should I kill this thing now? It's obvious I'm not capable of providing fair forum for this kind of fun to take place. It's your call.


edmanster said...

mikey, its your call!! you obviously new something was up!! we know who really won!!

Anonymous said...

This is disappointing for the brewers!

Fishdawg said...

My personal opinion is just call it over my friend. UPA and Elephino are both amazing beers. One is an example of a purely fantastic session beer and the other is an example of the new higher ABV beers coming from our brewers. Both of these beers truly show off the talent of these brewers.

Since someone somewhere or multiple someones cannot keep the voting fair I just say call this off and let's get back drinking more of these amazing beers.

Ed said...

Thanks for putting so much work in to it, Mikey. Sorry it didn't turn out.

Matt M. said...

I am sorry I didn't offer my help earlier. I appreciate the difficulties you have had. With technology there is always a solution to the madness of people trying to cheat, hack, or be unfair.

It is really sad someone would waste their time on something with no tangible prizes. They are just trying to be a troll.

Squatters Pubs said...

Nice one @Edmanster.
Sorry it didn't work out Mikey.