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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Hoist a Few for the Ol' Man

Father's Day is approaching, around here that mean it's beerfest time!

Snowbird's 4th Annual Brewfest begins on Friday, June 15 for a special Brewers Dinner. Enjoy special food pairings and mingle with local brewery members and personalities from Radio From Hell. Each attendee will receive a Snowbird Aerial Tram Foot Passenger Ticket and a 12.5oz Brewfest Mug. 6-10 p.m. In the Atrium.

Then on June 16-17, Bohemian, RedRock, Uinta, Hoppers, Ruby River, Moab, Wasatch, Squatters, Roosters, and Epic Brewing companies will be pouring their local made suds for one of the most picturesque lil' brewfest in the states. 

Located at the upper parking lots & plaza deck of Entry 2, It starts at noon and goes until 7 p.m each day. There is no admission fee.  $1 for a 3 ounce sample. Prices will be different for higher alcohol beers.

So grab you Pop a "barley pop" he put up with your shit for decades, doesn't he deserve one?


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