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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Squatters' Bumper Crop

To help celebrate 20 years of the Downtown SLC Farmer's Market Squatters is debuting a new beer. Called Bumper Crop; the new ale is inspired by the season and the spirit of the Farmer's Market, which is affordable - fresh local products.

Bumper Crop is a Honey Ale, made with fresh Lavender. I've never had a beer that has lavender as a main component, should be interesting.

Bumper Crop should be available today at Squatters locations and the Beer Store at the Utah Brewers Cooperative. 5.5% ABV in a 22oz. bottle.

Squatters is donating $1 back to the Farmer's Market for every bottle purchased.



Anonymous said...

I was told only available at the downtown Squatter's. It was a small batch. They had none today at The Beer Store.

kent said...

The lavender hits the nose hard but it's really smooth and refreshing to drink.

I like it.

Unknown said...

I tried the Bumper Crop two weeks ago and I loved it! The lavender isn't overwhelming, and it goes down a little too easy!

I heard it is in such high demand now, so they're offering it on tap...I really hope that's the truth! Excellent brew, a must-try!

Mikey said...

It is true!