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Friday, June 22, 2012

New Beer Friday 6/22/12

We have only one new beer today, it's Widmer's Drifter APA. The nose is piney and citrusy, typical for an American Pale Ale. The are a lot of pineapple and grapefruit notes up front with caramel maltiness playing a equally balanced role. Bready notes and a mild earthy hoppiness round out the end. Clean finsh, not much lingering flavors, a very solid balance between hops/malt.

Very impressed with the pale ale... a perfect balance, did I mention that? I really like this one. @ The Beerhive for now, look for it at liquor stores soon.



Douglas said...

The new Red Rock beer too! It's called Mole Porter

Mikey said...

Oh yes, forgot we had the other night. I suck...

A good roasty porter with a hint of chile flesh. Mole characteristics and a tiny amount of heat on the back of the throat as it warms. Yummy!

kent said...

Had the porter yesterday and it's very tasty. In fact my mom who hates "those dark beers" loved it. "This isn't bitter at all" she said.

Well done Red Rockers you've converted a strict raspberry wheat drinker.