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Friday, June 15, 2012

New Beer Friday 6/15/12

New Beer Friday is located at Hoppers today. Brewmaster and Secret Agent, Donovan Steele has concocted two unique beers, that dad will surely appreciate.

Grodziskie (or Gratzer). Is a traditional, East Prussian/Polish, oak smoked wheat ale. It has a bright straw color with white head, bitterness comes through well with a good amount of noble hop flavor over a sharp bright smoke flavor and aroma. The extremely high amounts of smoked wheat malt gives it a tart almost sour taste. For a smoke beer I'm finding it a very drinkable unique session ale.

Chocolate Kiss: A chocolate Porter dry nibbed with Ghana cacoa with some.cinnamon and a touch of vanilla. Finished with a little bit of Mexican Chocolate.

If you attended the Mountain Brewers Festival earlier this month, you may have got a sneak peak. Only at Hoppers Brewpub in Midvale.



kent said...

I'm not a smoke beer fan, but I tried the Grodziskie at the fest and it was really good. Very refreshing.

Craig said...

I agree with you Kent, the Grodziskie was really nice. Headed to Hoppers this week to have it again along with the chocolate porter.

Dallas said...

I stopped by on Thursday and tried both beers again, I was enamored with the Gratzer(smoky mtn ale). I found it to be very refreshing, not overwhelming smoke, crisp and clean fermentation. Almost went back for another, infact I may take a growler next time I head that way.

Douglas said...

I actually loved the Porter, really nice combination. It screams about for a bit more heft and a bottling run.