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Friday, August 31, 2012

Fresh Cask Friday!

Hoppers Brewmaster and Secret Agent, Donovan Steele is one of the great innovators of beer in the area. If you haven't been by Hoppers in a while you've probably missed out on some great old world beer styles that have hardly been seen or tasted in North America. From Patersbier styled Belgian ales, to Polish Grodziskies and even French style Bier de Gardes; this boy likes variety in his brewhouse.

If your going to strive for variety it makes sense to serve then in a variety of ways. Since Dono likes his beers "old school" he should serve them... well, old school.

Casks are nothing new, many places around the area serve beer via the firkin: Desert Edge, Wasatch, McCool's, the Bayou and many, many more. Hoppers has invested in two new casks for Dono to play with. Think, "New Beer Friday" but it's an all cask evening. 'Fresh Cask Friday' is a cask evening to hopefully be held once a month. Dono will take fresh beer and then cask condition it in English Firkins along with some dry hops or other treatment. This will be served in the bar directly from the cask. Holding the cask is a handmade wooden 'gantry' built by the Secret Agent and Mrs.Femme Fatale, Tiff Steele.

Today they will have on draft Rated X Mild. This award winning recipe from Dallas Barlow is a GABF ProAm entry this year. It's a great smooth mild ale, with a brown color and garnet highlights. Made from a premium English grown heritage variety Maris Otter pale ale malt, crystal malt and a some amount chocolate malt. The flavor is rich with nut flavors, dark fruit and chocolate cake. Very drinkable with plenty of English character and sessionablity. Hopped with Goldings throughout.

Rated X Mild was taken after fermentation and put it into the two new firkins for a re-fermentation and naturally carbonated cask of real ale. One cask was conditioned with Golding hops and the other cask had Willamette leaf hops. One beer served three ways! Served in an English dimple stein of course.

The Casks pour on specified Fridays after 4:30. The cask ale will go fast and once it's gone it's gone.

Also, Matt Beamer, Wasatch Pub Brewmaster and Hop Bandit needs you help with his hop harvest tomorrow, so that he can make his wild hop brew, "Hop Bandit". Meet at the Wasatch Brewpub at 8am. You gotta know it'll involve pints of beautiful beer! Send Matt a message on Facebook if you can help.



kent said...

So far I've had the straight Rated-X and the Willamette hopped cask and they're both delicious. Waiting on the US Golding hopped cask now.

Definitely give them a try.

DNB said...

I too have just tried all 3 versions of the Rated X beer. I was lucky enough to get there just in time to get the last taste of the Willamette hop cask. The US Golding cask was completed just as I finished my meal; glad i had two of them. I also had to have a pint of the natural brew before i left. And now I now have a growler in my fridge too for tomorrow. Thanks for all that came to support Dallas in his ProAm debut. His friends, family, and fellow beer enthusiasts, especially to Donovan for recognizing Dallas' passion. As Dallas' father, I am one proud beer enthusiast too!

Douglas said...

The Cask version was really cool and the base was great as well. Nice job Dallas and Dono!