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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hop Help for Haas!

It's Radius time once again. Desert Edge's locally made - locally grown, seasonal favorite is about to be brewed and Brewmaster Chris (Santa) Haas needs your help.

 The hops are coming out a little early this year. Chris and Colby are headed up to harvest today and picking tomorrow. That means they could use a little assistance.  They will be in the brewery on Wednesday the 15th from 730 am 'till as long as it takes to pick the luscious hops for Radius.

If you have a few moments to spare, please head over to Desert Edge and lend a hand. The beer will be flowing and there will be conversation a plenty. Come for 15 minutes or 10 hours, no able bodied picker will be turned away. The more hops picked the more Radius for us!

Radius, is made with ingredients grown within 100 miles of the Brewery. The malt is grown just across the state line in Idaho and the hops grow wild about a mile from the brewery.

Radius is a golden ale, filtered with an extreme fresh hop flavor and medium bitterness. Last year it was only around for only a few weeks. Once it's tapped, It's practically gone.

Contact info: (801) 521-8917 - 273 Trolley Square  Salt Lake City, UT 84102


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