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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Branagan's Brewery Coming to Sandy City

The south end of the Salt Lake Valley has had a bit of a beer problem over the last one hundred years. It's not a problem of over consumption, it's a problem due to lack of locally made suds. In my opinion every community should have it's own local brews, just as you'd find a local bakery or ice cream shop.

The main reason you haven't seen local breweries pop up in the south part of Salt Lake County may have to do with a slightly overly self-righteous view on the manufacturing of alcohol. If drinking it is sinful, making it must be down right demonic, right?

Thankfully those attitudes are changing. Municipalities are starting to see that it's more beneficial to keep tourist's tax dollars close to home rather than have them visit other towns. The first benefactor of this new attitude on locally made brews is likely to be Heather Branagan of the forthcoming Banagan's Brewery.  

Heather like many of us Heather started as a home brewer and developed her passion via the kitchen, carboy and travel. Branagan's will focus on English, Irish, and Scottish beer style with some barrel aging as well. The restaurant will feature a menu of slightly higher end pub cuisine.

Heather is working with Sandy City now on permits and licensing right now, and has a location in the area of 9000 s. just east of I-15. Stay close for updates on Branagan's progress.

For more on Branagan's Brewery check out my story in the current [Beer] Issue of SLUG Magazine.


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