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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hoppers Brings Back Bottles

Most people in Utah's beer community know Hoppers Brewing as that Midvale staple that has been serving locally made beer for years. If you're relatively new to Utah's craft beer scene you may not be aware that Hopper had a very popular and highly regarded bottling program at one time.

Starting in 2010 Hoppers began by releasing Double Black a 6.4% "Schwartz-Bock" along with an amped-up version of This is the Pils, The First SnoAle, Hot Headed Red Head and Summerset  Saison. All of these picked up various awards at the time, but Hoppers' previous owners didn't see the merchandising profits they were hoping for and mothballed the Storehouse Reserve line of beers.

Today is a new day. Hoppers new owners are all on board and have thrown their support behind Hoppers' Brewmaster and Secret Agent, Donovan Steele as he begins to resurrect their bottling program.

As we speak, Donovan is fermenting a new batch of his Summerset Saision, A hop forward take on the style that should be available to take home or enjoy there in a couple of weeks. Look for it in 750 ml. bottles. More new and old favorites are expected in the coming months as well.

Utah's year of beer keeps on getting better and better.



Aaron RoadKill Saxon said...

Very cool! Definitely enjoy Hoppers variety of beers!

kent said...

I remember the high gravity version of Stein Knocker too. That's a great Marzen. This is excellent news.

Mikey said...

Ah, Stein Knocker. Knew I was forgetting one. Thanks, Kent.

Tim said...

The "First SnoAle" is one of my all time favorites. I hope Donovan brews it again.