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Friday, June 17, 2016

New Beer Friday 6/17/16

Petrus Aged Red Ale - Taste has a slight sourness to it, some oak, and a sweet cherry aftertaste. Complex flavors, but the brunt of the flavors come from the cherry. Could use a little more sourness for balance. 8.5% ABV @ Bayou

Kasteel Barista Chocolate Quad - Rich chocolate but coffee definitely plays a roll in the taste and gives it a sweet bitterness. Feels a bit like a porter, lacks the depth in body but it has a hoppy feel to it which as the brew warms it becomes more and more complex. 11.0% ABV @ Bayou

Deschutes Hop Slice IPA - The nose is fresh with nice citrusy hops. Taste follows with a slight lemony sweetness at first, floral hops throughout, finishes with a medium grapefruit bitterness. Light body with medium carbonation, really easy to drink. A really good session IPA, fresh and easy drinking. 4.5% ABV @Bayou, Beerhve

Returning Favorites

Epic's Los Locos is now for sale in 22oz. bottles at Epic's bottleshop. Pours a hazy golden straw color with a sturdy cap dense foam. The nose is grainy with hints of lime and grass. The taste is similar with grainy Malts and some sweet corn. Lime pops next with a slight sodium bite in the end. Finishes slightly grassy and dry. One of the nicer Mexican style lagers you will ever try. I'm not sure what.  the ABV is on this one. Only available at Epic - packaged in growlers. Very limited. See yesterday's post.

RedRock/Pelican CoHOPeration is back as well. The hops in this beer are amazingly intact. Front and mid body the citrus and florals seem to dominate the palate. Gritty pale, and caramel tastes appear. Finishes very rind-like with notes of berries and some dry spiciness from the rye malt. Very soft and mild, with a decent carbonation. Not extremely sweet; but very dry and bitter. 6.9% ABV @RedRock



Eric Green said...

I saw Lagunitas DownLow in fresh market yesterday, is that new this week as well?

Mikey said...

Hey Eric, they just changed the name of Copper Coral Fusion to that. Same beer. Cheers!