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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

SLUG's 9th Annul Beer Issue and Utah's NABA Winners

The bitch is back! Sorry for the lack of content over the last ten days, but my ass has been on vacation. Normally I'd try to try to keep updates coming while on holiday, but I'm a little penned-out.

Part of the reason for my writers fatigue comes courtesy of SLUG Magazine's 9th Annual Beer Issue. Myself - along with seven other talented SLUG Mag contributors have put together a shload of local beer stories that spotlight the best of what Utah's craft beer scene has to offer. If you have the time think about picking up this months issue. It's guaranteed to make you thirsty. Or you can check it out here.  Much thanks to SLUG Editor, Alex Ortega for keeping the train on the rails.

Also, I along with over a hundred other judges spent last week judging beers for the North American Brewers Association's Beer Competition. Here's a list of Utah's Winners. for the full list of winners click here.

Bohemian Brewery - Cottonwood Common Bronze

Bonneville Brewing - Antelope Amber Bronze
Bonneville Brewing - Ton Up Silver

Desert Edge Brewing - Schwartz Bier Silver
Desert Edge Brewing - Downhill Dunkle Silver

Epic Brewing - Mid Mountain Mild Gold
Epic Brewing - Galloway Porter Bronze
Epic Brewing - Los Locos Lager Bronze
Epic Brewing - 825 Stout Silver
Epic Brewing - Brainless Belgian Golden Ale Silver
Epic Brewing - Brainless IPA Silver
Epic Brewing - Utah Session Golden Ale Silver
Epic Brewing - Big Bad Baptist Silver

Moab Brewing - Rocket Bike Gold

Mountain West Hard Cider - Ruby Silver
Mountain West Hard Cider - 7 Mile Bronze

Proper Brewing - Proper Beer - Gold

RedRock Brewing - Ginever - Silver
RedRock Brewing - Bobby Brown the Cat Gold
RedRock Brewing - Le Quatra Bronze

Squatters - Chasing Tail Bronze
Squatters - Live and Let Live Gold

Uinta Brewing - Bier de Mars Bronze
Uinta Brewing - 2016 Birthday Suit Bronze
Uinta Brewing - Cucumber Farmhouse Silver

Wasatch Brewery - Last One In Gold
Wasatch Brewery/Oskar Blues - Beerito Silver (Wasatch technically doesn't get credit for this but they should)



kent said...

Wow nice haul this year. Congratulations Utah brewers, well done!

Unknown said...

It looks like Mountain West Cider took a couple of medals too.

Mikey said...

Damn! I knew I forgot someone. Thanks, Brian.