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Monday, March 27, 2017

Epic Unleashes Four Sour Beers in 40 Days

Epic Brewing’s mad fermentationists are at it again, and this time their evil plan is to sour your spring!

They have been plotting with their “bugs” all winter and starting this April they will unleash four sour beers in 40 days. Three of the four will come from the Oak and Orchard Series, and one is the return of the Sour Brainless On Peaches, our most ruthless version of this beer yet!

Oak and Orchard Syrah, Release No. 2, ~8.5% ABV, 661 cases- This time around they we went with a little less funk and a lot more fruit. They loaded one of their Napa Valley foeders with our sour saison and so much blueberry, boysenberry and black currant that it was practically bursting at the seams, resulting in a beer that explodes with huge, fruity, wine-like notes. Available starting the first week of April with a release in Salt Lake City on April 14.

Oak and Orchard Dark Sour with Plum, Release No. 2, 654 cases, ~7.5% ABV - The second packaging of this trip to the dark side is finally being released beyond the breweries’ walls. This Dark Sour has spent most of it life brooding in retired whiskey barrels before being finished with plum puree. Aromas of dark fruit, plum and fig fade into faint notes of earthy funk. Hitting markets around the country the second week of April.

Oak and Orchard Pinot, Release No. 2, 650 cases, ~8.5% ABV - this is the second release of this extremely limited sour. This sour saison was fruited to mimic Pinot Noir (with blueberry, boysenberry, cranberry strawberry, plum) and aged in oak for months until it reached the peak of puckering perfection. Available at the end of April.

Sour Brainless on Peaches, Release No. 3, 800 cases, ~7.5% ABV - She smells like a peach, but packs a cruel, puckering punch! This is Epic's most sour version of this beer yet, but it still retains beautiful notes of peach skin, citrus and a dose of barnyard funk. Available in the beginning of May.

We have more big news as well! Epic has added another two foeders to the family, which brings it to a total of 14 vessels and more than 1,000 BBL of total foeder capacity. When combined with the 3000-plus individual oak casks in our barrel-aging warehouses that makes Epic Brewing one of the largest wood-aged beer producers in the West. These new, 68 BBL wooden beasts were recently retired from Heitz Cellars in Napa Valley. This all means larger and more frequent releases of these unique beers are on their way!

It looks like local sour funk will be a common staple for those of you that love to get you pucker-on!

The Utah Beer Challenge's High Point Competition resumes today. This round seems to be dominated by 2 Row Brewing with two beloved favorites from RedRock holding strong. Shades of Pale is kicking ass as well, with their Salt City Citrus as it goes against the sour power of Squatters' 529 Oud Bruin.

The Elite Eight Round also runs for 48 hours from the time stamp below. The Final Four Round will begin on Wednesday Morning. Please share this round on your social media, if you can.



Shane in SLC said...

How boring that Elephino is going to win this thing again. It's not the best IPA in Utah; it's not Red Rock's best beer. Its popularity is baffling to me. And its only real competition, judging from vote totals, is the 2 Row Citrus IPA, which I thought wasn't nearly as good as Shades of Pale's version of the same style. Apparently the UBB readers like their beers aggressively flavored and heavy-handed?

kent said...

All kinds of weird shit can happen when people vote...