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Monday, March 06, 2017

New Looks Coming for 2 Row Brews

2 Row Brewing is putting some polish on some of their year round and seasonal offerings. We got our mitts on some of the labels that will be adorning some of their brilliant beers.

First up is Mikey's Citra India Style Pale Lager. This beer came out last June and quickly became one of the most important beers ever made by human hands. Considering that this beer is so important, I am a bit confused as to why 2 Row opted to go for this look. The "subject" portrayed is obviously befuddled by whatever it is he's attempting to do, not to mention he's sport'n the that typical beer nerd smirk. All joking aside, when this image greeting me Saturday Morning, I was beyond flattered and honored. Cheers, Brian!

Next up in 2 Row's new gallery, is the artwork for the cunningly named Inevitable Amber Ale. As with many local brewers that swear to stay away from low point suds, the "inevitability" of discovering the reality of Utah's unique beer market eventually take hold. 2 Row managed to convey this in the name, while making a fine ale that represents it's brewery well. Growlers of Inevitable Amber are available at the brewery and is finding it's way into restaurants and bars all over the SLC area. Stay close for it's bottled debut.


Images found at Shipcomplient.com


BTreotch said...

you may have just peaked Mikey. Congrats!

kent said...

Check out that cute mug...you sir have become legend.

Matt Anderson said...

Any idea the recipe for this beer? Would love to try this at home!

Mikey said...

Matt, it's Pretty basic. Cara Pils, a little Cara Foam, Citra in the boil, more at flameout and dry hop. Lagered for 7 weeks and filtered. Can't give out specifics without talking to Brian first. Prost!

Matt Anderson said...

Awesome, thanks Mikey! If you find out any more info, I'd love to hear it!