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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sweet 16 Round Begins

I'm noticing a trend this year. The majority of you seems to really, really love IPAs and Imperial Stouts over practically everything else and 2 Row and RedRock seem to have the strongest followings.

The results for Round 3 have been updated in the bracket above. For the Sweet 16 Round things will get more intense for these two breweries. both of them have two of their own beers going against each other - there's nothing like sibling combat, eh?

There's also a powerhouse Imperial Stout match-up between Big Bad Baptist and Dark Alley. That should be a close one.

This round of voting will be 48 hours as well, and it will end Friday morning at the time stamp below. Please share the Utah Beer Challenge's High Point Competition on your social media, so we can increase the voting pool.


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