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Friday, March 03, 2017

New Beer Friday 3/3/17

I'd like to thank the "Academy" for this prestigious honor. New Beer Friday began as a dream. A dream to find a pint of something new every week. I'd also like to thank my wife - who keeps me grounded, by roller her eyes at me at every available opportunity.

Talisman Imperial Coffee Stout with Cocoa nibs - This is under the Talisman Presents label Look for big coffee in the nose and on the palate. Chocolate rounds out the back with some acid coffee in the finish. Made with Wasatch Roasting Company and Ritual Chocolate. 9.5% ABV @ Talisman

Wasatch Denali UTX - I Haven't tried this one yet - look for a nice lemon/lime aspect from the hops with some slight resin. 4.0% ABV @ Wasatch/Squatters

Strap Tank Lorraine Tart Cherry Saison - I Haven't tried this one yet - It was made with Mexican hibiscus and tart cherries.You have my attention sir! 4.0% ABV @ Strap Tank

Strap Tank Road Rash IPA - This Beer isn't really new, ,just previously unmentioned.Straight up resony pine and grapfruit peel with a bit of light caramel backing it up.Solid Session IPA. 4.0% ABV

Squatters Tempest-tost Wit - I Haven't tried this one yet - Made with green cardamom, sweet orange peel and a healthy dose of torrified wheat. Remember, all proceeds from the sale of this beer will benefit the Utah Chapter of the International Rescue Committee, an organization that supports refugees in realizing their dream of leading self-sufficient and fulfilling lives. 4.0% ABV@ Squatters

Rogue Hazelutely Choctabulous - The nose is nutty and chocolaty with some vanilla and light char, cream, nuts, deeply roasted malts, dark breaded malts, light vanilla, and light char. The taste follows with vanilla and cake like malts swirling around a sea of hazelnuts and roasted malts. Some light coffee and dark chocolate as well in the finish. This is one of those beers you'll love or hate. I found it tasty but the 22oz bottle is too much for such a rich beer. 5.7% ABV @ DABC

Big Sky Shake-a-Day IPA - The nose has a fresh grapefruit and pine aroma with sweet malt beneath. The taste has a big dose of sweet caramel malt out of the gate - tangerine and orange come in next with a bit of pine to balance it all out. The finish is fairly bitter, which is good because it controls the initial sweetness. Overall a nice refreshing IPA. 7.5% ABV @ DABC

2 Row Hop Reload - Never got around to this one last night. But it's a 2 Row IPA. I'm sure it's a winner. Please share what you think! 6.2% @ 2 Row

Avenues Proper Chai-Hulud Saison with Chai - There are no Sand Worms in this beer, what it does have is Chai spices intermingling with spicy coriander from the yeast. With all of those assertive flavors, it's still pretty subtle - justy missing a little melange. Ok, i'm done with my "Dune geeking". 4.0% ABV @ Avenues Proper only.

Anchor Steam Brotherhood Steam - Made in collaboration with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood this steam beer has hints of wet grass and pine in the nose along with some toffee and biscuit. The taste is nicely bready and earthy with with notes of caramel, grass, and citrus. Floral hops come next with notes of grass and pine. The end has some light citrus notes of orange peel and grapefruit. Good malt presence with notes of caramel, toffee, biscuit, and yeast. A wonderful and solid beer. 5.6% ABV @ Beer Bar

Wasatch White Label -Though not new, it is returning after a long absence. It's wheaty, spicy with clove acsents and has hints of orange and mellow citrus. Good carbonation, balanced with a clean after taste. 6.0% ABV @ Wasatch Squatters - soon to DABC.

Tune in to Mick and Allen on KBER 101 today at 3:20pm as we discuss these and other beer related topics in New Beer Friday Radio.


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