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Friday, March 10, 2017

New Beer Friday 3/10/17

People just can't stop putting my mug on labels.... Yeah, you laugh but that's me the day after St. Patty's Day last year. Anyway, I found a few beers that are made by our friends and neighbors that stretch from Ogden to Springville. Happy New Beer Friday!

Roosters Mosaic SMaSH - Look for berry, tangerine and papaya backed by graham cracker malts with a bit of rose blossoms and grass in the finish. 4.0% ABV @ Roosters Ogden

Fisher Brewing Rye Cream Ale - nutty malts, with peppery hops. Some rye spiciness as well. A wee bit thin as well. Overall a nice pounder for a warm day. 4.0% ABV @ Fisher

Squatters Apollo 13 -  Hopped only with Apollo hops from start to finish. Then dry hopped with more Apollo. Just enough caramel from the malts to compliment. Nice. 4.0% ABV @ Squatters

Strap Tank Adele Saison - Haven't tried this one yet. 4.0% ABV @ Strap Tank

What did I miss? Help out your fellow beer nerds and spread the new brew love.


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