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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Your New Liquor Laws in a Nutshell

Well, it looks like your lives are about to become far more complicated from here on out. Your new DUI ceiling will soon be .05 from .08. This means that the next dose of NyQuil that you take, may land your ass in jail and cost you thousands of dollars in penalties and attorney's fees. We all know this is more about "you people" than it is about safety. Texting and driving is equally (if not more) more dangerous, but it will always get a comparable slap on the hand because Mormons legislators are guilty of it too.

The Zion Curtain will be coming down for some eating establishments - IF you've got the room to implement the new alternative barrier that is. You get ten feet from the bar or mixing area, after that the kiddos will be contamination free. Some may have to erecting a 42 inch barrier (because children shorter than that are most impressionable),  others - will just have to make it obvious that it's a different area.

The legislation also does away with dining club and social club designations and creates a single bar license. Owners who now have a dining club license would have until July 1, 2018, to decide if they would switch to being a bar. If the establishment chooses to be a restaurant, owners would have until July 2022 to comply with the barriers and designated dispensing-area rules. Basically this mean that you can choose between serving booze or allowing kids in your establishment, you can't have both. Park City and other tourism towns are going to love this. What a bunch of assholes! The state markup on liquor and wine will be 88% from 86%. Heavy beer goes to 66.5% from 64.5%. Again, assholes!

One bright spot is the reduction on the distance where alcohol can be served. It will be 300 ft. instead of 600 ft. from church's, schools and libraries. I'm sure that there's a typo here and that it was meant to be 3000 not 300.

Sorry to be the dark cloud on warm and sunny day, but that's your new world in a nutshell.



Márcio Buffolo said...

And another big problem. This markup increase won't affect the consumers. The state will pay less to the breweries in order to maintain the price. This law, once again, destroying the brewery industry.

Clif said...

How will the change in licences affect breweries that set up food areas in order to sell beer on Sundays? Do any of them have the Dining Club Licence and will be forced to change to Restaurant or Bar licences? And will that affect their ability to sell on Sunday?

Mikey said...

Cliff, in sure questions like that were carefully considered while drafting this legislation. *I'm not sure if my sarcasm is shining through here. Cheers.

kent said...

I do believe that some of the local establishment owners frequent this blog. Any comment from them?

The quotes I read coming from the local restaurant trade group seemed to convey some optimism which I found surprising after I read the contents of the changes.