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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Uinta's New Brett Tripel

This week is starting out to be a sour puss' dream! Yesterday we we brought you the happy news of Epic's "sour spring", now Uinta Brewing will be adding a new brett beer to the calendar as well. Brett Tripel - Uinta's newest sour beer will be in the same vein as RedRock's RĂªve - having a Belgian style tripel ale as it's base beer. The difference here being the addition of Pink Peppercorns and their own take on the blending.

This one is still a few weeks out. It will of course come in Uinta's corked and cages 750ml. bottles. Stay close for the release. 

The Elite Eight Round continues in the Utah Beer Challenge, if you haven't voted yet you have until tomorrow morning to participate.



Bryce said...

How do you know it's a sour? It could just be a tripple finish with Brett. Which sounds nice similar to like an Orval.

Mikey said...

I know it's a Sour because I had a sample from the Barrel. But you're right. Just because it's dosed with Brett doesn't nessesarily mean it's a sour beer. Cheers.