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Friday, November 24, 2017

New Beer Black Friday II

The best thing about New Beer Black Friday is that you don’t have to get your ass up early and wait in line for it! Well, maybe if you want some of 2 Row’s BA Dark Alley tomorrow you will. 

It looks like Goose Island Bourbon County and Bourbon County Coffee hit DABC store shelves today. Very limited supply.

Talisman's Chocolate Stout with Orange Zest: Not tried this one yet. It's described as a chocolate stout with orange zest. - strong dark chocolate notes from a heavy dose of cocoa nibs complimented by citrus from the orange zest. Delicious and creamy. 4.0% ABV.  Available exclusively at the Cinnebar Snowbasin Resort and also available for growler fills at Talisman's beer store.

2 Row 's Barrel Aged Dark Alley: This newest incarnation of Utah's beastliest beer (15% + ABV) goes on sale to the public tomorrow morning (Saturday 11/25/17). However some bar have already picked some up and have them for sale right now, so if twenty-four hours is too long to wait? you have that option today.This version of 2 Row's Imperial Barrel Aged Stout is aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels. You should probably get in line now, it will sell out fast.

Fisher's Pale Ale #6: Not Had this one yet. 4.0% ABV. Only at Fisher Brewing

Double Mountain's Hop Lion: Not tried this one yet. 6.7% ABV Available at Beer Bar

Double Mountain's Peche Mode: Not tried this one yet. 8.7% ABV Available at Beer Bar

I'm sure I've missed something, hook a brother up and share the New Beer Friday love!


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