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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Previewing Ogden River Brewing Company

Attention Ogden-ites, you may be seeing another new brewery in 2018. Ogden River Brewing is a passion project from avid home brewer, Pat Winslow. Pat is an award winning home brewer who is also certified in craft beverage management from Portland State University.

Pat envisions a brewery that will feature "Barrel Aged Beer, Sour Beers and one offs." not to mention the classic beers all people crave. Pat will also make handcrafted root beer,  ginger ale, cream soda, cold brewed coffee and kombucha!

The breweries tap room decor will include photographs and memorabilia touting the rich history of Becker Brewing and Malting Co. founded in 1890. Speaking of Becker Brewing. Pat has acquired property at 1921 Lincoln Ave. This is the exact location of Becker Brewing and Malting Company, which operated on the banks of the Ogden River for 75 years. Becker Brewing opened in 1890 and even survived prohibition before its closure in 1964.

Pat is looking towards Utah's craft beer community for help in getting Ogden River Brewing off the ground. A Kick Starter campaign has been set up to help aid in the brewery's construction. Their goal is nearly half way met, but they could still use some help to get them the rest of the way. If you would like to contribute I have the link right here for you. 

There are special perks for contributors, that include access to beers, brewery events and personalized brewery swag. This is the type of thing where craft beer enthusiasts really shine. Updates for ORB can be found at their social media accounts.




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