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Friday, November 10, 2017

New Beer Friday 11/10/17

Happy New Beer Friday! with the colder weather upon us, the big, full bodied beers are hitting the market. Hold on to you chair, there a shload of new stuff this week. Let's get to it!

Epic Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist:  The aroma is intensely roasty, with notes of bourbon, dark roast coffee, baking chocolate, fudge and toasted coconut. Alcohol perfume is evident as well; it creates a countering effect that keeps the bouquet from becoming too dessert-like. The taste is immediately bold and rich. Medium sweet dark chocolate and roasted barley jump out at first. Big cold-brew coffee flavors push aside the roasted malts and assert a rich and spicy blast that is equal parts fruity and floral. At the midpoint, the bourbon barrel begins to play its part, adding oak, toffee and vanilla along with a bit of booziness. Toward the end of the palate, coconut custard becomes apparent, as it creates a toothy Mounds Bar sweetness that plays well with the coffee and bourbon thump. The end of this roller coaster relies on a bit of oak and the slightest hint of floral bitterness to wrap it all up in a nice bow. The finish is roasty and slightly dry, as lingering acidic tones from alcohol and coffee parch the tongue. 12.7% ABV Available at Epic SLC starting today.

Desert Edge's Munich Dunkel Lager: The Munich Dunkel is a deep amber colored German lager. This beer is full of rich, toasty malt flavor with a low bitterness and medium dry finish. 4.0% ABV. Available at Desert Edge.

Desert Edge's 7 Devils IPA: This is a session IPA brewed with large amounts of Idaho 7 hops. These hops have bright citrus, and resiny pine aromas. Light malt with high bitterness and a dry finish. 4.0% ABV. Available at Desert Edge.

RoHa's Pumpkin Black: Smells of cocoa and pumpkin spices. The taste follows with milk chocolate, nutmeg and allspice. Very dessert-like with a fair amount of body for a 4.0% ABV beer. Available at RoHa Brewing Project.

Oskar Blues' Death by Coconut: Dark brown with a soapy tan head. The nose has huge coconut that drowns all other aromas. The flavors starts with coconut then transisitions into a nutty, chocolate flavor. Toasted grains and caramel round out the back end. It's sweet, but not overly so with a rich body that is full and pleasant. I'm glad the brown ale here didn't get completely stomped on. 6.5% ABV. Available at Dick 'n Dixie's.

Laughing Dog/Boneyard Bloody Brews: This beer has a nice opaque cardinal red color and an aroma of tomato and a hint of pepper and vinegar. The taste is primarily dill pickle juice, garlic, tomatoes, salt, vinegar and a hint of beer. Think bloody marry with a bit of fizz. A tasty alternative to beer. 4.0% ABV. Available starting this weekend at various grocery and C-stores around the SLC area.

Stone's Saison du Buff: There's a strong aroma of herbs, lemon and penolic yeast.The taste is  starts with peach, spices and citrus peel. The malt s are tame while the fruit and spices are more assertive.  Big hops inhabit the beer throughout and hang on through the finish. 6.8% ABV. Available at Beer Bar, Beerhive, Bayou

Stone's Stygian Descent: Pours black with a tan head. The nose has roasted malt, vanilla, dark fruit and spices. The taste has a touch of bourbon/vanilla sweetness is present as is some dark fruit flavors (figs/prunes) and then the hops hit on the end. The beer is medium but is smooth thanks to the barrel aging. 11.6% ABV Available at Beer Bar, Beerhive, Bayou

Stone's Fyodor: Not tried this Bourbon Barrel age Imperial stout yet. 13.5% ABV. Available at Beer Bar, Beerhive, Bayou

Stone's Xocoveza Charred: Notes of cocoa and chicory. The taste starts with cocolate, coconut and caramel. Some char as well. Nice vanilla notes along with  almond and coffee round it out. Finishes dry and warming.This is quite delish! 10.0% ABV.

Stone's Mikhail Odd: Not tried this Espresso Imperial Russian Stout aged in bourbon barrels. 13.9% ABV. Available at The Bayou.

Have I given you enough?



Mike said...

Where is the Xocoveza Charred available at?

kent said...

Sounds like a hangover tomorrow...

Mikey said...

Mike, same as the other places with the new Stone beers.