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Sunday, December 14, 2008

2nd Beer of Xmas '08: Rogue Yellow Snow

Well the snow has finally fallen. And with the fluffy white stuff comes the usual hazards. Black ice, dead batteries, Internet porn wrist and of course yellow snow. Now as twisted as I am, I would never recommend any of those to you. Except the porn. Have you guys ever seen that girl that does that one thing where she takes that Kiwano fruit and.... ahh... sorry. Maybe I'm getting a little off-topic here. Anyway as I was saying, I would not normally recommend any of those hazards to you, except for today. Today I must recommend that you my bothers and sisters in beer land consume yellow snow. Now in this case the mug o' piss is a delicious blessing. And should only be imbibed if contained within packaging such as that above.

So with that being said, the second beer of Xmas that the beer lush recommended to thee; Rogue's Yellow Snow IPA. Yellow Snow has been missing on liquor store shelves for a couple of years, but it's back in Utah now and it's pissier than ever!

Poures a semi-cloudy yellowish orange color with a thick pillow of head that stuck around throughout the beer. Tremendous lacing as well.
The nose is a nice airy and floral perfume with grapefruit hops and a bit of sweet malt.
The taste starts with big citrus notes out of the gate. Then Biscuity malts become noticeable in the background. The end has a hint of pine and florals. The finish is dry, bitter, and lingering. The mouthfeel is medium bodied with a nice creamy oily slickness. Way over-balanced. And that why it's so good! it's like chewing on a grapefruit peel. Pure heaven. Prost!


Anonymous said...

I just picked up a bomber a few days ago. Rogue is always solid. I'm not sure about the whole IIPA winter thing, I'm more of a Imp. Stout/BW guy in the winter. But why not.

kent said...

I'm ashamed to say I hadn't tasted this until recently. I saw it at the liquor store and being an IPA whore I went for it. It's very good. I'll be picking up a case for the holidays. I also noticed that they were carrying Anderson Valley's Hop Ottin' IPA. It's very good as well if you're in the mood.

Mikey said...

Amen Kent, we always keep Hop Ottin' in our fridge.