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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tenth Beer o' Xmas '08: Orval Trappist Ale

This is perhaps one of the best beers in the world. It's readily available throughout Utah and if you've never tried it.... well then shame on you! This beer and it's monastery has quite the long history.

The monastery was born from an act of gratitude around 1070 A.D. The Countess Mathilda of Tuscany was widowed and her wedding ring had accidentally fallen into a fountain. She prayed to the Lord and at once a trout rose to the surface with her precious ring in its mouth. Mathilda exclaimed "Truly this place is a Val d'Or!" Which I gather means "Fuck'n Awesome!" In gratitude, she decided to establish a monastery on the site.

Beer has been brewed at the monastery since it was founded. However, the beer we enjoy now has it's roots in the 1930's with some English influences, such as the infusion brewing and "dry-hopping". This results in a beer whose characteristic aroma and taste are owed more to the hops and to the yeasts than the malts. So. With that brief glimpse of Catholic history all out of the way, the Tenth Beer o' Xmas that the Beer Lush Pushed on thee is....Duhhh.

Pours a rich dark orange color with a dense two fingers of foam.
The nose is malty with fruity esters, Belgian yeast, honey and some mild lemon.
The taste starts with a light malt sweetness blended well with lemon, tart apples, and some barnyard yeastiness. The end is full of hops with a slight tartness that lasts through to a dry finish. Nice moderate carbonation.
This ale manages to pulls off the neat trick of being very mild and subtle, yet deeply complex. A true world class beer. L'chaim!


Grand Pooba said...

I've gotta tell my husband about your site he'd love it!

Found you through google when I was searching for the new wine store...

Mikey said...

Rock on Grand Pooba! We need to get you off the vino on on to the suds. Cheers!

wickenden said...

Mikey, the way I see it, it's beer during the daylight and vino with a late dinner.

But... Orval, it's SO 'frikkin' good.


kent said...

I grabbed a couple bottles of this and wow. I'm in love with it. This has become my favorite beer. But I am a fickle beast ;)

Mikey said...

That's the thing about being a craft beer lover, so much good stuff to sway your mind!