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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seventh Beer o' Xmas'08: Squatters' IPA

One of the best craft beers made in Utah is also one of the best craft beers in the U.S. Squatters India Pale Ale is a multi award winning brew that is perfect drinking year round.

So, the seventh beer o' Xmas that the beer lush pushed on thee... Squatters IPA!!!

Poured a golden copper color with a thick solid cap. The nose was a perfume of fresh hop cones. Very piney and flowery with a tiny hint of pale malt beneath. The taste was fresh with notes of spruce needle, grapefruit zest and flower petal. An ample amount of dry and roasted malts compliment nicely the fresh hoppiness. The finish was dry and leafy with a body that has a medium feel. This is an awesome IPA The ample amount of hops mask the alcohol well and provide for a great session. Definitely check this one out. Did I mention the fresh hops? 6.0% ABV. Salud!!!

Picture stolen from the Sunday Beer Club. Thanks Don.

1 comment:

wickenden said...

Glad you could use it.

I hope Wasatch Winterfest makes it to your list. God it's good.

But, so far, I'm loving your selections.