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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fourth Beer o' Xmas '08: Mikkeller's From/To

The fourth beer o' Xmas come to us from The Mikkeller Brewery in Kobenhavn, Denmark. The guys at Mikkeller have become true Rock Stars in the international beer community after just a few years. Their success is partly due to the breweries focus on creating challenging beers that test the boundaries of conventional styles and where quality always comes before quantity.

Mikkeller Beers are quite hard to get a hold of in Utah. As far as I know The Bayou is the only place selling them, and Salt Lakers are sucking them down.

That being said. The fourth Beer o' Xmas that the beer lush pushed on thee is Mekkeller's From/To. This is a hard one to describe. It's classified as a Baltic Porter. But if I were to describe it, I would say, "If a nice British Porter knocked-up a Belgian Strong ale. From/To would be the progeny. Or the little-shit in this case".

Pours a dark black color with a nice finger of tan colored head that remained for quite a while.
The nose has notes of coffee, roasted malt, moist-dark fruit topped with a subtle dose of floral hops. The flavor starts with coffee, chocolate and a hint of smoke. Next comes plum, cloves and a hint of maraschino cherries. The end has a warm booziness to it with just a hint of orange peel. Any detectable bitterness comes from the roasted malts not much in the way hops.
Looks much heavier than it is. Moderate body with low carbonation lend a semi-creamy texture. ABV is at 8.0%. Skaal!

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