Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Second Coming. Wa-Hoo!!!

It looks like Cache Valley Brewing is one step closer to becoming reality. Tuesday night, the Logan City Council voted to approve a brewpub in historic downtown Logan!!!

This won't be the first time the name Cache Valley Brewing has been established. Back in 1888 Jacob Theurer started the first Cache Valley Brewing. It served the people of Cache County until it closed up shop 1912. The brewery known as "Jake’s" was built on the north side of the present state highway on the south side of Johnson grove.

As the city increased in population more saloons were opened up and the liquor evil became so great that in 1909 there were about nine saloons doing business in Logan.

The agitation for the abolishment of the saloon evil became so intense that on December 23rd, 1909, an ordinance was passed by the City Council which prevented the sale or manufacture of liquors of any kind in Logan City.

The ordinance became effective January 3rd, 1910, and Logan was the first settlement in the Valley and one of the first in the state to adopt such a reform. Later the county passed a similar ordinance, then the Utah Legislature passed a prohibition law and finally, the National Prohibition Law was passed October 28th, 1919.

It is interesting to note that as early as 1882 the citizens of Logan started the movement for prohibition and were among the first to get it adopted. It would be a great Justice if CVB could re-open it's doors nearly a century after it was forced to close them. We'll try to keep you updated on CVB's status. Cheers!


BrewDad said...

So is there a set time when this place might open? I am coming up arund Xmas and if i find some time would love to go check it out. Or is it stil being built and everything else?

Great for Utah more Beer.....

Mikey said...

I wouldn't expect to see it open 'till next summer at the earliest.

Denny said...

Awesome! I lived in logan for 20 years and have since lived in slc. Its good to see some expansion in the beer selection

Anonymous said...

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