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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guinness 250 Anniversary Stout

Fergal Murray, Guinness' Brew Master has created a new beer in honor of their 250 years
anniversary. The maker of the world’s top-selling stout has come up with a new stout beer for the U.S. market, a maltier, fizzier version of its older, creamier beer that also has 5% alcohol compared to the 4.2% in Guinness Draught.

“This is more about refreshment and zing,” said Murray. The limited-edition Guinness 250
Anniversary Stout is scheduled to be available in U.S. bars and selected stores on Friday, April 24, the first new stout Guinness has exported to the U.S. since it began selling Guinness Draught here in the mid 1960s.

The anniversary stout will be available only in the U.S., Australia and Singapore. It's expected to be on sale for about six months. No word yet on if it's definitely headed to Utah, but odds are pretty good that we'll see it in the liquor stores a few weeks after it's nation-wide release. Cheers!


Douglas said...

Nice post. I'm looking forward to this for sure. I have to admit I'm a big Guinness fan. Guinness Draught is nice, but man try the Foreign Extra Stouts. I've had the Belgian, Irish,and Nigerian versions. The extra Stout we can buy locally is awesome as well. Lets hope it makes it here.

Unknown said...

I've had this beer. Guinness hit it our of the park! They should keep this. They haven't had many successes ourside of their draught. Guinness, KEEP THIS BEER!!!

Mikey said...

James, did you have this in Utah?

Lemons = Happiness said...

does anyone know where I can buy the 250 anniversary stout? My husband and I have been looking for it for about a year now... and no luck.

Mikey said...

It may be all gone. It was released about a year and a half ago. I have no info on anyone that still has some.


Anonymous said...

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