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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Beerhive

Utah's beer community will soon have a new place to satisfy their beer cravings. After a year of planning and obstacles the Beerhive is finally in the home stretch. I got a preview last night of what is sure to be one of downtown's preeminent hot spots.

First off this place is all bar. The bar in this place may be one of the longest in the state. It spans nearly fifty feet and has a beautiful, grand back-bar that's near twenty five feet tall. The refrigeration unit is massive and has room for all the kegs and hundreds of bottles of beer. Twenty-four taps are plumbed right now and there are talks of installing a cask beer engine.

The Beerhive also sports a first in the area, a frosted rail. It's a strip of ice that spans the bar to ensure that drinks maintain the perfect temperature... If desired.

The downstairs area is quite nice with exposed 19th century brick and stone walls. Pool tables and a possible shuffleboard table will occupy most of this space.

Owner Del Vance is working hard on providing the Beerhive's customers with some of the hardest to get craft beers from around the nation. There is a very real possibility that patrons will be enjoying such sought after brands as Stone, Dogfish Head, Ninkasi and Deschutes signature line up. I'll throw up more info on the beers as they become available.

The Beerhive is slated to open near the second week of July. Cheers.


Travis said...

Frosted rail. Freaking brilliant.

Mikey said...

It was up and running yesterday. Works quite well.

Douglas said...

Nice. I'm looking forward to having a pint here. I could care less about the frosted rail since most beers are always served too cold as it is, but a cool idea nonetheless. I'm excited for this place.

kent said...

This is very cool. I can't wait.

Steve-O said...

Please, please, please pray that they can get some Left Hand brews...please, please, please!!

Cache Valley Brewing Company said...

Where will this be located?

I am looking forward to having Del Vance autograph my copy of "Beer in the Beehive".

Mikey said...

The Beerhive is at 128 south Main Street in SLC.

Amanda said...

I think this may just be paradise!

Mikey said...

Amen sista!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the beer on tap will be the weird-tasting Utah 3.2 beer instead of fat tire or sierra nevada. Hopefully they will have some good beers in bottles.

Ur-Andy said...

Hmmm...I've never heard anyone say that 4.0% beer is weird-tasting (It's not 3.2%, but I assume you already knew that). International beer judges don't seem to think it's weird tasting, as Utah brewers always come home with handcarts full of medals from the big international beer competitions.
It's just hard to brew some styles at 4%, like most of the Belgian styles (but that's okay 'cause they shouldn't be kegged anyway. Bottle-conditioning FTW!) and some of the German styles, so it kind of limits what brewers here can make. The British brewing tradition has most beers between 2 and 5 percent ABV, with the exception of the IPA's and heavier Scottish ales.
But this is an old argument, and having made it, I really really hope the legislature gets around to passing the draft bill next year and getting rid of Utah's 4% draft limit, because you're right, there's lots of commercial production beers that I'd love to drink on draft. Sierra Nevada makes a fine pale ale that can always be relied upon when there's a lack of anything more interesting, but don't get me started again on how we don't need that boring-ass mediocrity of a beer called Fat Tire wasting Utah's shelf space and especially not the tap lines...we already had that fight on here too.

Carlos said...

With respect to Utah's 4.0% ABV takes on higher alcohol beers: There've been sensational hits and spectacular misses.

Anonymous said...

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