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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer of the Beer Continues

Unless you've been under a rock for the past year or so, you've probably noticed that Utah's beer culture has undergone huge explosion of growth. Between new breweries, homebrewing and a near doubling of the beer available in the market people in Utah are hungry for quality suds.

SLUG (Salt Lake Underground) Magazine's second annual Beer Edition is proof of that. For the second year in a row Slug has devoted it's monthly mag to to the Salt Lake beer scene.

From food pairings to bar reviews to brewer interviews by famous contributing journalists (me), SLUG has the summer covered. SLUG is out now at kiosks around town for free. Please check it out. Cheers!


Brian McKray said...


Read your blog all the time. Love it. I thought I'd share something I discovered the other day. Redhook has finally cone to Utah. A couple of years ago I was touring the Redhook brewery and learned that Utah is (was) one of only two states that Redhook didn't distribute to. However, on Tuesday I found a 12-pack of their Slim Chance light ale at Harmons. Hopefully this means we'll start seeing higher ABV varieties in the state stores.

Mikey said...

Hey Brian, I noticed that also. It seems that they really have no clue where their beer is being distributed. I've written them about it, but have had no response.

InBev/Anheuser-Busch now owns RedHook, I'm thinking they're the ones in control now. Cheers!

Josh said...

I sent Widmer an email a few months ago, begging them to start sending their stuff here, especially Widmer Hefeweizen. I did get a reply, and this is what it said:

"Thanks much for your recent e-mail inquiry regarding why in the heck Widmer craft beers are not available in UT...

As you know UT is not the easiest state in which to do business with beer...just a fact of life for reasons which I am sure you are well aware...

Just by coincidence we are exploring our options as to how we might justify our entry into Utah...I think before the year is out we will have at least one product within our portfolio (Widmer, Redhook and Kona) that will be distributed widely in UT...depending upon how that initial foray into UT goes we may well be back with more products in 2010...

Stay tuned


So perhaps that is why we have the Slim Chance now? All I know is, I'd like to see Widmer in the liquor stores ASAP. I don't care too much about Redhook.

Mikey said...

I'll take a slim chance (not the beer) over none at all. But what the Widmer guy said. says volumes. "Utah is not the easiest state in which to do business with beer". Speaks volumes.