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Friday, June 12, 2009

2009 Beehive Brew-Off

If your thinking about entering your special beer in Utah's very first homebrew competition, here's all the info you'll need.

The Beehive Brew-off is an AHA & BJCP sanctioned event.

Entries will be accepted from July 5 through July 20. Homebrew entry form, fee & beer deadline is Monday, July 20 .

Entry fees are $6.00 for the first entry and $3.00 for each additional entry. (Checks should be made payable to The Beer Nut) All entries must include the entry form and payment, and all bottles must have labels attached with rubber bands only. Improperly submitted entries, or entries received after July 20, may be disqualified. Entry forms can be found here and labels can be found here.

One entry consists of three (2) bottles. To assure the anonymity of brewer, bottles must be standardized to the current AHA competition requirements: 10-14 oz bottles with no paper or inked labels, raised glass brand-name designs or any identifying or distinguishing marks on the bottle or cap identifying the brewer. Be sure that you enter your beer into the proper style category. Styles accepted include all styles listed in 2008 AHA Category Descriptions. Entries become property of The Beer Nut and will not be returned.

The Beehive Brew-Off is open to all recognized beer categories. The 2008 edition of the
BJCP Style Guidelines will be used to judge entries.
It is the brewer's responsibility to determine
the correct category/subcategory to enter their beers, and to provide
additional information where required.
Depending on the number of entries and category distribution,
categories and subcategories may be combined or separated
for judging and awards purposes. These judging table breakdowns will
not be available prior to the competition and will be determined by the
competition committee once
all the entries have been processed.
Entries will be received atThe Beer Nut

1200 South State St.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Please contact The Beer Nut for any questions at (801) 531-8182 or jamie@beernut.com.

Now, I know people have loyalties to their specific home brew shops. Don't let this stop you from
competing. Even though this is one home brew supply store organizing this competition, this is a Utah event. Let's make it the best. Cheers!


kent said...

This is awesome. Thanks to Jamie and The Beer Nut for running with this. Thanks for keeping us informed Mike.

Anonymous said...

You only need two bottles for entry. One for panel judging and one for best of show. mike

Anonymous said...

I apologize for not getting the correct info to you in time. Mike is correct. (2) bottles are all that is required for each entry.
-Jamie Burnham

rip said...

I've heard the awards ceremony will be at the Bayou this coming Saturday (Aug 1). Anybody know if this is the case? If so, any idea what time things will get going?

Mikey said...

As I understand it, there are so many entries that judging may go into Sunday. If that's the case, it'll be Sunday at the earliest. But that's not gospel yet.

rip said...

Definitely cool there has been so much response! I figured this thing was going to be bigger than people thought. Seems like every home brewer I know was planning on entering something. Would be nice if the Beer Nut/Bayou could set a firm time for the awards, even if it's the following week. Trying to line up kid care so I can go. You'll keep us updated Mikey?

Mikey said...


Carlos said...

Just got this update on the Facebook from the Beer Nut:

"The Beehive Brew Off was a huge success! We received over 300 entries when we were only anticipating 100 to 150. Congrats! This being said, the judging for the entries will take place over a two day period and awards will be given out Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday. Come down to the Bayou Sunday after 5 p.m and see if you won anything."