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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Salt Lake's Biggest Bar Crawl Ever

On July 1st, 2009 a thing will occur that has not happened in Utah in a long time. You... anyone with I.D. in their pocket will be able to go into a bar, order a drink, pay for it and walk out - having payed for only the drink you bought.

Utah's Private Club System is on borrowed time, and adults everywhere are gearing-up to celebrate at it's wake. To help celebrate the City Weekly is spearheading what is billed as "Utah's biggest bar crawl ever!"

Starting at 5pm on July 1st. 16 former private clubs from Sandy to SLC will participate in what they'd term as a bar open house instead of a drunken pub crawl. Organizers want people who participate to be responsible... and damn it! they're serious about it.

To help people participate responsibly the City Weekly rented six buses that are gonna be creating a "bar transit system" for people to pick-up every half hour and go to the next location. There is no charge for the bus rides and then at the end of the night City Weekly's also gonna pay for their cab ride home.

I tried looking up the list of participating bars on City Weekly's website this morning but came up with bupkis. If anyone else has the list please post it up. Cheers!


Unknown said...

List of the bars participating:

Poplar Street
Johnny's on Second
Green Street
Key's on Main
Cheers to You
Piper Down
Club 90
A Bar Named Sue
Liquid Joe's
Fiddler's Elbow

I'm definitely going. Hope tons of people go and have fun...and hopefully no idiots get out of line and turn something awesome into a reason for the church...ooops i mean state to think about bringing back memberships. See ya'll there :)

Unknown said...
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Douglas said...

I'll say that there have been times that I didn't bother going to a bar because of the cost/trouble of buying a membership. Of course, I always end up at the Bayou anyway! Only two weeks left. Nice.

The Bayou said...

Ohh, Doug sorry didn't we tell you? You (and only you) are still going to need a membership for The Bayou.

He he just kidding. Looks like the 1st is going to be crazy.

Mark Alston
The Bayou

Anonymous said...

Are there 2 bar crawls going on? Is it the 1st or the 3rd or both nights?

Unknown said...

The only one I know about is on July 1st.