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Monday, June 22, 2009

Grill on the Hill

To be honest waking up Sunday morning to thunder and rain didn't exactly get me in the mood for another beer festival in the rain, but after a brutally wet morning the skies opened-up, the sun shined down and after a little bit of a "what the Hell" Father's Day - attitude adjustment a little beer drinking in the mountains commenced.

God loves beer, he told me so (that's him above) at the Bayou the other evening. I assume this why everything seemed to work out just fine. This wasn't an epic festival by any means but it was a great excuse to get out and enjoy the weather and good company. Thanks to all the Local brewers for showing up early and pouring their beer. Here are a few pics.
Also, before I forget. Jenny Talley gave birth to a little girl on Friday. Her daughter is named Vienna and everyone is fine. I have a feeling had little Vienna been a boy his name would have been Porter... I see how your mind works Talley. Congrats to Jenny and her husband! Cheers!


Douglas said...

So what were the highlight beers I missed? Congrats to Jenny and Vienna. A nice name!

Mikey said...

No real highlights as far as beers go. A pretty standard offering of local fare. It was a nice day.