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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Another Oktoberfest

Yes that's right, another Oktoberfest. This one is a little bit different from the one at Snowbird. It's smaller and instead of mountain views you'll get canyons of buildings. But hey, there's still beer.

Del Vance from the Beerhive and Chef Frodie from the Vienna Bistro are teaming up to offer people a taste of Oktoberfest downtown. The two main street businesses will close down the wide sidewalks on Sept 25th to serve up beer food and authentic Alpine music.

Besides the Beerhive's great beer, Chef Frodie has made tons of his special recipe sausages. If you haven't tried his authentic Alpine Cuisine your really missing out. We're talking Veal Bratwurst - Swiss Bratwurst - Kielbasa Sausage - Jagdwurst - Leberkäse - Weinerschnitzel - Ham Hock - Schinken Speck & Currywurst, yes I said Currywurst. It's the shnitzel!!!

There's no charge except for the food and drink, not a bad way to spend the afternoon. More info as it comes my way. Prost!

1 comment:

Brandon Worrell said...

Nice! I'll be there. Anyone know the exact hours? I won't be back in town from GABF until Sunday mid-day.