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Monday, September 14, 2009

Organic Hops For Sale

Last week I told you about High Desert, Utah's first certified organic Hop Farm. This week I get to tell you that they're open for business and they're ready to sell you their inaugural crop of Cascade - Galina and Columbus hops.

Co-owners Tim Begue and Joe Nangle are opening up the doors and the fields starting today 9/14 at 9am and going to 6pm. The Galena are down and half the Cascade is down and next are the Columbus CTZ's. You can buy fresh hops off the vine or dried and bagged ones. The prices are are based on weight so their will be a price adjustment for the wet weight vs. the dry.

If you can't make it during the week Tim & Joe will also be selling their hops on Saturday the 19th at the downtown SLC Farmers Market in a booth with big sign that reads ORGANIC GARLIC. It's on the 300 south side of Pioneer Park. And if that's not enough their currently making deals to sell them to local home brew shops.

High Desert Hops is located at 632 S. Gladiola St.(3400 W.) in Salt Lake City and will be selling hops 'till they're gone.



Andrew said...

I picked up some of these hops today at the farmers market. I wasn't paying attention at the time, but the AA isn't listed on the bags. Did anyone else happen to buy the Cascade and Columbus and find out the alpha acid content for either?

Colby Hansen said...

Hmmm. I bought some Cascade and Galena, but forgot to find out the AA as well.