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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pick'n & Grin'n

It's harvest time! And with that comes harvest beers. And there's no better way to ensure the freshest possible taste in your harvest beers, then to pick your ingredients yourself.

That's what the RedRock crew got the opportunity to do this past weekend at Utah's newest hop farm High Desert Hops. Head brewer Kevin Templin his crew and some family members spent the afternoon picking High Desert's inaugural batch of hop cones for some of their yet undisclosed fall beers.
High Desert is growing three varieties right now. Cascade - Galina and Columbus. For a first year crop these hops are huge, fat and full of resiny goodness. The RedRock guys were picking the Galina, as you can see from the pics their damn near perfect.

At some point High Desert may open up their organic certified farm to the public and even "pick your own" sales. How cool would that be homebewers?

As soon as their ready, they'll let me know and I'll post all the details.


Douglas said...

Very cool. Didn't you grow some hops this year Mikey? Or were those another type of buds I saw growing in your yard?:)

Lee said...

The way you say it - "For a first year crop these hops are huge, fat and full of resiny goodness" -- it sounds like you are describing a different crop frequently found in Northern California. :-)

Anonymous said...

Word is.... An Organic wet hop beer is on the way.... Loaded with the fresh sticky nugs! From vine to kettle in 12 hours!! Bring it on!!!

Mikey said...

Anonymous, I assume your refering to a RedRock wet hop ale?

Jamie said...

The Beer Nut will be purchasing some hops that will be available to our customers in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Just brew today with the Cascades and the CTZ's. I only put 65 lbs in this batch. The aroma was very nice.>>

Mikey said...

Okay, okay. Time to fess-up Anonymous, where can we try this beer?!!!