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Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Week at Desert Edge

Desert Edge is offering up some very yummy stuff right now. Chris has brewed up his English Mild. It is served on the nitro tap so it has that nice creaminess to it. The British Mild is an English beer, brown in color with a subtle roastiness.

Chris is also now serving the Backcountry Cream Ale. This is a light, malty beer with low, but defined hop character. Cream ales have lactose sugar added to give them a slight sweetness. Lactose sugars don't ferment, so they add sweetness without adding alcohol during fermentation.

Chris also has his Summertime Kristalweizen, Munich Lager, and the Road Rage Rye as well as his standards. Utah Pale Ale, Pub Pils, Happy Valley Hefe, and the Ladder Days Stout. That's nine beers! Chris is our friend...



T said...

I had the mild last night and it is very yummy indeed!

Douglas said...

DE used to have a beer called Festival Mild and it was really nice. Is this beer still being made, or was it replaced/renamed as the British Mild?