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Friday, January 13, 2012

New Beer Friday 1/13/12

Today's new beer has been around for a few years, but has only been available at the source, Sierra Nevada's Taproom/Restaurant. Luckily for us SN has decided this beer is ready for the masses and it's their first new beer of 2012.

Ruthless Rye IPA: The nose is earthy and malty with piney resins. The flavor starts piney with a complex grainy malt character. Next comes hints of cocoa and a mild rye spiciness. The finish is dry and piney.

This is very much like a spicy SN Celebration in that it’s got good hop character, its solidly built and very dense for the 6.6% ABV. Very clean and balanced. @Beerhive & various socialized liquor outlets.

If you spot some, tell us where!



Anonymous said...

they had it at 300 west wine store...I thought it was good but lacked a little hop flavor to be called an IPA...good bitterness...quite tasty though

russell jack said...

the springville liquor store in UT county (just off the freeway) has them!

Chris Detrick said...

The 3rd east and foothill stores did not have this beer yet, but 3rd west still has many cases for sale. I think it has nice spicy rye flavor and good hop bitterness, but I would like it with a bit more hop aroma.

Anonymous said...

The Millcreek liquor store on 33rd South has it