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Friday, March 02, 2012

Birthday Suit Debuts Today

I have yet to be disappointed by any of Uinta's Crooked Line beers. They are all pretty unique and all are above average in my opinion. Birthday Suit is Uinta's greatest departure from what they've traditionally done in more than one way. Uinta has never made a fruit beer or a sour. Birthday Suit fills these gaps in their portfolio nicely.

Pours a clear, yet robust Blood Orange color with a champagne like head that dissipates quickly to sturdy ring. The nose is complex - sour, dry cherry, tart, dusty with hints of wood, florals and some pale malt. The taste is all about cherry, but not overwhelmingly so. It starts out with tart cherry and light oak. Slightly sweet grain notes come next and transition into a finish full of florals and tannins.

The mouthfeel is light to medium, dry yet somehow juicy, sour but not puckering. The 5.7% abv is hardly noticeable, making it both quaffable and quenchable. Overall, another winner from Uinta.

Available starting today for $11.99 at Uinta's bottle shop. Next week in liquor stores. 1st 40 bottles sold will be autographed by label artist Travis Bone.

It's Friday! and that means new beer (besides Birthday Suit).

I mentioned Epic's Glutenator the other day. There are some new gluten free beers from New Planet Brewing out of Colorado. New Planet specializes in gluten free beer. I saw some of their labels at the 3rd east wine store in SLC.

Our brother in beer, Douglas spotted Full Sail's ESB (Brewers Share Series) at the Wine Store on 3rd East. Dougie describes it.... "Pours a clear copper hue with a medium white head. A sweet nose of floral hops and caramel, somewhat dusty. A nice quaffable flavor with distinct sweet and somewhat bitter hops, dry caramel malts, light fruit. Very drinkable. A big ESB".

Also today Shades of Pale and the No Name Saloon, "Butchers" are teaming up to bring you a limited release - 10 cases of Ready to Fly Amber Ale brewed to help support the women Ski Jumpers from Park City. No Name will donate $500 of the proceeds to the Jumpers.

Come on out and try a 22oz bomber of Ready to Fly Amber Ale for 5 Bucks. Only 120 bottles left so come early and donate to the Women Jumpers. Go Team USA!

Is this enough for your weekend!



Diamond Mind said...

Sweet, and almost reasonably priced....almost worth a trip out there..

kent said...

Woot I feel a lunch trip coming on.

Chase Johnson said...

A friend just shared this blog with me. So excited to see other beer enthusiasts in Utah!

Unknown said...

Just to clarify...beers of this nature take FOREVER to make...thus the higher price...the brewery has a lot of money tied up in a beer like this that they can't recoup for over a year (and it may not even turn out...sour beers are not an exact science) whereas regular ales can be turned around in a couple weeks to a month...I say if you like beers like this buy them to let the brewery know this is what you want to drink and you are willing to pay a few extra bucks for something special...sorry, my .02c

buckwheat said...

How do beers NOT barrel-aged take "FOREVER" to make?, also, how do hints of oak turn up, oak spirals? gosh,get real.

Diamond Mind said...

I haven't seen this in the jR store yet..sad. Yes I am willling to pay some extra for beers that are aged. And even a little extra for local...but when things come from belgium and are barrel aged and cost the same...????