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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Squatters Crest Trail American Pale Ale

American Pale Ales in my opinion are the perfect beer. The right amount of caramel maltiness combined with that piney/citrusy bitterness always puts me in my happy place.

So you can imagine that when I heard that Squatters was doing a slightly amplified version of their Crest Trail Pale Ale, I don't mind telling you I started channeling Bruce Springsteen in his Dancing in the Dark video.

Anyway, my mad moves aside this beer is looks to be hop beast! Made with Amarillo, Cascade, Apollo and Chinook hops, then it's run through a hop back with more Amarillo hops, then Dry hopped with more Chinook... In the immortal words of George Costanza, "I think it moved".

Should be released tomorrow (3/30/12), possibly late this afternoon. Call ahead as always.

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Craig said...


Douglas said...

Crest Trail/Hop Riot is a damn good Pale Ale!

Craig said...

Picked up 2 bottles this afternoon. That was all they had in the cooler. I asked if they could bring up more and she said "I don't know if we have any more". Come on, there is no way you are sold out. I ask her to find out, so she tries a few different numbers and can't get hold of anybody. WTH is somebody like that even at the cash register with no knowledge of what's going on?

Anonymous said...

Thats what Squatts is..they will always be pretentious and condescending there, afterall, they have the best brewpub on the planet. good beer does NOT equal good ppl.

Squatters Pubs said...

Craig, there is plenty of Crest Trail. Sorry we didn't have any in the cooler for you. The host should have gotten a Manager to get some for you. Next time you come in there will be plenty! We promise.

Anonymous, sorry you feel that way about our Pub. We have never stated we are the Best Brew Pub on the planet, there are many that can take that title long before us.


Craig said...

Yea, I know you had lots more. I was just mad because she didn't seem to care that I wanted to "buy" more. I had to suggest that she call somebody and get more upstairs, even then it was like I was a burden.

Squatters Pubs said...

We will make sure that doesn't happen again & make our hosts aware.

Thanks for letting us know so we can correct the issue though.