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Thursday, March 22, 2012

RedRock's Paardebloem

In 2008 the nations brewers experienced a bit of a hop shortage. Not everyone could get those signature hops that made their beers so special. So what's what's a brewer to do to stay creative in the brew house? Look to other, some might say, more exotic ingredients.

Well that's what RedRock and New Belgium Breweries decided to do, come together and create something that many in North America may have never tried. A Dandelion (Paardebloem) beer.

Dandelion greens were chosen as they have a natural bittering effect much like hops. The result is a blond ale brewed with toasted pilsener malt, flavored with fresh picked dandelion greens and grains of paradise and a dose of funky brettanomyces cultures to add some tartness.

Paardebloem is hazy and light gold in color with peachy/lemony nose. It has a unique floral bitterness with a big malty backbone. There is a touch of added sourness that the New Belgium version lacks. This provides a nice balance for the big spicy/sweetness the ale carries.

The ABV for this batch is 9.2%. Paardebloem goes on sale today at 4pm at RedRock's Downtown Brewpub. As always call before you make the trip.


1 comment:

kent said...

Two funky beers in two days...I'm in heaven. Or at least heaven'ish