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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gordon Biersch Arriving Soon

This time last year we told you about The Gordon Biersch Brewing Company's plans to open up a new brewpub location at the Salt lake International Airport. At first we thought, if your not traveling through the airport, it's likely you won't be having their beer. Luckily that is not the case.

Two of their brands are due to be arriving soon, long before the airport's brewpub is set to open. In the coming days or weeks look for Gordon Biersch's Marzen and one of their rotating seasonal beers.

Gordon Biersch is a national brewery chain that specializes in authentic, German-style beers.

Also, round one continues today in the Utah Beer Challenge. Yes, it's still the first round! Getting though 64 beers takes a long damn time. You'll notice some of the match ups are still as frustrating as those of last week. And just to give you an idea, round one voting will be completed on Thursday.


1 comment:

Scott said...

They've got some great beers so at least it's a start. The GB Golden Export is an excellent yellow beer. Can't wait for that one to make the list.