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Friday, March 09, 2012

New Beer Friday 3/9/12

Gluten free drinker rejoice! You have another alcoholic option to help make your days brighter. Epic's Glutenator debuts!

Pours a bright golden color with light head retention. The nose has some good piney and citrusy notes with hints of gain. The taste reminds me of Grape-Nuts cereal at first then you get a berry tartness that takes over for the most part. The finish is floral and bitter. A medium to light mouthfeel, with a dry spicy aftertaste.

Overall there are many beers I prefer to this, but as a gluten free beer it is pretty damn good. Glutenator does it's best to mimic it's malty cousins. On sale today at Epic.

This next beer is not new, but it is quite popular and generally doesn't last for more than a few days.

Desert Edge's Bourbon Porter Beer is black with a moderate, bubbly tan head. The nose is faint with vanilla and roasted malts. As for taste, the vanilla notes come first then comes the bourbon and a little bit of oak. Lighter at first, but stronger in the finish. A nice malty background gives the beer a bit of a roasted cocoa flavor. The vanilla notes and bourbon are the main event.

Light bodied because this is a 4.0% beer, but Brewer, Chris Haas manages to coax a ton of flavor out this seasonal offering. Get on it before Mrs. Mikey drinks it all.



Ed said...

Just a heads up for everybody:

Desert Edge doesn't have the Bourbon Porter yet (Friday).

Mikey said...

As of Noon, Saturday it IS on tap.