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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thirst Fursday Historic Pub Crawls

Believe it or not, Utah has a long history with beer. That history may have been stunted by prohibition and post prohibition self righteousness, but the fact remains; beer has always been here.

If your a history buff or just enjoy a little beer with your history, the Utah Heritage Foundation is offering  "Thirst Fursday Historic Pub Crawls" this summer.  

On the first Thursday of every month, participants will learn the history of beer in Utah by taking tours of three well-known watering holes. It's a "pub crawl" of sorts. The next "Thirst Fursday" is on June 7, the following dates are July 5 and Aug. 2. 

The Pub crawls begin at 5 p.m. and the cost is $15 for foundation members or $20 for the public. A special T-shirt is included. the locations will be provided when you register at www.utahheritagefoundation.org/.
The Pub Crawl tour also is available to private groups with advance notice, payment, and a minimum of 10 people.



kent said...

This is a very cool idea. Anyone planning on attending?

I'm thinking I might do it.

Anonymous said...

Who is running this? Is Del involved?

Mikey said...

As I stated, it's put on by the Utah Heritage Foundation. Del is not a member. Yes the Beerhive is a stop on the crawl.

Kent, yes. We should get together and get some historical beer learn'n.

kent said...

Done signed up for it. Sounds fun. I love to get my beer...err...history on.