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Monday, December 07, 2015

Huge Brand Exspansion Planned at Uinta

You may have noticed a huge increase on our reporting of Uinta Brewing Company's new push to expand their portfolio of beers. It seems like at least once a week they're adding a new brew to their schedule and I've been informed this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Not only is the state's largest brewery looking at a huge label expansion they are also getting into the funky beer game. Wild beers are already maturating in oak and will be filling bottle sometime in 2016.

Here are two more new beers that will be coming from soon from Uinta. Up above, you can see the new Gose style beer that will be coming soon. Called Flamingose - this Gose will be brewed with pineapple and coriander to compliment the base beer's lemony/salty smack. Gose beers are generally light in ABV so this will likely be available on tap in grocery stores.

Also coming Uinta's Bière de Mars. These beers are somewhat similar to a Bière de Garde and a not-too-distant relation of Belgium's saisons. These beers were traditionally made by French farmers in late winter or spring for relatively quick consumption—the 'Mars' in the name refers to the month of March. This take on the style will be aged in Chardonnay wine barrels to add more depth and complexity. It's s good bet we'll be seeing this 7.2% ABV beer sometime in March.

Stay close, more breaking news on all of these new beers (Uinta and others) will be coming at a steady clip.


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