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Monday, December 21, 2015

UT-X Series from Wasatch and Squatters

Hey all, I'm back from vacation. It was a great week off and there's plenty of new brew news to get to. To start the week, Squatters and Wasatch breweries have announced the creation of a new specialty series called UT-X (short for Utah Experimental). This new series of beers will be made monthly utilizing a base recipe, with the only change for each version being the hop selection. “There are a lot of hops out there and a lot of experimental unnamed varieties that we can play with,” says Brewmaster Lee. “This gives us the chance to taste a variety of hops and provide unique brews to our customers with high frequency.  We’ve come up with a great malt base and bitterness targets to provide the foundation, and then each release will feature a brand new stand-alone hop, utilizing one hop variety from start to finish.”

The UT-X series will only be available at Squatters and Wasatch Brew Pub locations and also at The Beer Store. With the series changing every four weeks, guests are encouraged to try each release to compare the different flavor profiles. UT-X #1 is currently being served in Park City and in SLC.  This first batch has been brewed with Calypso Hops, and is unfiltered and light in color like a pale ale, with a sweet pear, light lemon and citrus flavor. Beer lovers who are fans of Squatters Chasing Tail will enjoy the malt profile of UT-X #1 and those who are Wasatch Ghostrider fans will appreciate the citrus notes.

Also, Uinta's Stomping Grounds Coffee Stout was released on Saturday. It's available at the brewery. I haven't had a chance to try it yet. Hopefully today!

And Oskar Blues should be close to hitting the market. Likely the week after Christmas. Look for Dales Pale Ale, Pinner, Mama's Little Yella Pils and Old Chub



RoadKill said...

Stompin' Ground was decent Mikey - the coffee taste was strong and the special breakfast release on Saturday had a really decent turnout! Looking forward to hitting Squatters a bit more often with their new offerings. Cheers!

RoadKill said...

On a side note - I would be interested to find out how good the Stompin' Grounds would be in a rum barrel...