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Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Utah Session Series by Epic Brewing

Epic Brewing Company is releasing a newline of session beers, that will be exclusive the the Utah Market. The Utah Session Series will initially consist of five, 4% ABV beers including a Mosaic and Simcoe hopped Session IPA, a single-hop Golden Ale featuring Centennial hops, a spiced Wit beer, an Orchard Raspberry Ale and a kettle soured IPA. 

Epic’s exponential creativity and passion for variety will fuel future additions to the series including an entire lineup of Orchard fruit beers - including a Session Peach and a Session Cherry. These will be inspired by the fruit stands along US-89, and a rotating line-up of unique sour beers.

This isn't Epic's first foray into the session beer game. Gone is the much troubled Unsacred line of beers that Epic launched back in 2013. While Rimando's Wit was a huge hit the other beers in the series had trouble gaining traction. 

Epic will be taking over the taps at The Hog's Wallow this Friday (tomorrow) at 6:00pm. Come raise a glass to help them celebrate. 


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